The Art of Bio-Feedback

Every person can accomplish a skillful Baseball or Softball swing using bio-feedback signaling. 

The Swing Bat uses Three Elements of Bio-feedback:
Audible Command, "Hear it!
Live Visual Aid, "See it!
Physical Movement "Feel it!

The Swing Bat gives an Audible Command; it is the sound from the end of the bat and the sliding ball making contact. The user hears this contact, and this is the trigger.
Visual enhancement is the ball movement on the bat, and when duplicated this movement reinforces live visual timing at the point of contact.
Through Physical Movement the hitter feels the energy being transferred in a live action swing. Through this motion over time the hitter will develop muscle memory. The feel is the result coming from the physical swing, and the correct contact point through that swing. 

The Swing Bat effectively combines the key elements of Sound, Sight and Feel and the hitter receives positive bio-feedback when learning better swing mechanics. ​​

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