How to Use

From the Inventor:

New to The Swing Bat?

The Audible, Visual and Feel of TSB feedback works!  It is not a complicated training tool. Just swing it, and within a few swings you will find out where you are in your swing.

When you hear the snap! That is where you are making contact with the pitch. You’ll either be late or early and it will be easy to spot!  

To visualize where you are making contact, try putting a rubber plate on the ground and practice your dry swings.

Soft toss drills work great too and if you use a practice tee be sure it is a brush type, as you don’t want to hit anything hard… it could damage the slider sleeve.

For more info, check the videos on the website, Youtube, and Facebook.

Thank you for supporting Team TSB if you have any question please contact us!

Michael Libonati

Inventor of The Swing Bat