"You can hear it, see it, and feel the dynamic power being transferred at contact. The results are immediate. The swing bat helps you: improve eye-hand coordination, develop timing and muscle memory, increase bat speed, and learn to hit every pitch location."
Mike Glendenning
Former player on the San Francisco Giants
Current St. Louis Cardinal Scout
Owner of the Southern California Baseball Academy

"I'm not easily impressed. After years of exposure to new training tools, I've seen lots of gimmicks of questionable value. In fact, we have tried other clicker bats before - they aren't robust, they break down, they don't give you proper feed back with the click in the right spot. This changes everything. The Swing Bat is a brilliant adaptation of the idea and the right design. First the click happens when it should in the swing - for inside, outside and dead center pitches. Second it's a ball so you can see the point where the pitch should hit your bat - visual reinforcement to the auditory experience. 3rd, the ball is hefty enough that you feel a weight transfer and so you get muscle feedback as well. And it works for both checkpoint swings (stopping on contact) and follow-through swings."
Richard Todd

"TSB is one of the very best baseball developmental products on the market today. In an area filled with new inovations and creative designs, TSB stands out as a product that is simple, inexpensive, user friendly, and most importantly, productive. This product is more than just a fad. It is a practical and useful training aid that will be around for many, many years to come. Regis University led all NCAA Division II teams in the nation in hitting during the 2008 season with a .375 team batting average. Our training program built around TSB and Steve Springer's QUALITY AT-BAT philosophy combined to help our players acheive their success. We utilize TSB in all of our camps, clinics and baseball training programs!"
Dan McDermott
Head Baseball Coach
Regis University

"The players loved it and thought the instant feedback was what they needed and did daily routine warm-ups with it. I definatly thought it was useful for warm-ups and pre-game swings. Overall I thought they needed to be more consistent with it for it to be really effective. Thanks you TSB, I will be looking forward to the new upcoming DVD softball drills and your other training tools."
Heather Stone
Head Softball Coach
Western Connecticut State University

"TSB is one of the most valuable tools that I use at my facility. The unique design feature allows the batter to hear a distinct snap sound when the bat is swung and see the ball making contact at the end of TSB. this is an excellent tool for developing proper swing mechanics, eye-hand coordination drills, and building fast hand speeds. TSB gives me the teaching edge needed to help develop better, faster, and stronger hitters. Using TSB allows me to identify where to make corrections in the batters swing immediatly. TSB is one of the most valuable tools to enter into the baseball industry in the last decade."
Steve DeAngelis
Former player on the Phillies, Angels, and A's
Current Chicago White Sox Scout
Owner of the Line Drive Batting Cage

"TSB provides sport specific training in the areas of muscle strength, muscle endurance, and postural/trunk stabilization. TSB is an excellent biofeedback tool that allows one to key into the dynamic components involved in swinging a baseball bat. TSB provides auditory and visual enhancement, eye-hand coordination and timing, specific muscle conditioning and training, and accuracy and precision swing mechanics."
Ming Harwig, M.P.T.
Masters Degree Physical Therapy
11 years experience rehab sports medicine